Power Sunglasses

Wearing power sunglasses in your daily routine life have some goods benefits. It has to give stylish and chic looks, protects your eyes from ultraviolet rays (UV rays), gives you coolness, clear vision while you drive car or bike.

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Power sunglasses have mainly three types available. It was divided by the lenses function. Wearing power sunglasses is a good habit.


Benefits of Eyeglasses.

Nowadays wearing eyeglasses is trending. It’s one type of fashion accessories. Well it’s have  many benefits also . Wearing glasses is safe your eyes from dust, sun uv rays , protect your eyes, give you smart look, it’s easily accessible , give you professional and smart looks .

Well, it’s easy for wearing and give clear vision compare to contact lenses. Eyeglasses  have available many types and many shapes. I always prefer to eyeglasses it’s easy to handle and safe for wearing

Which is best eyeglasses or contact lenses

  • Normally we will discus about different between eyeglasses and contact lenses and which one is best for over daily routine life. According to me both are same but they have them own pros and cons.
  • Generally people chose eyeglasses because it’s easy for wearing , flexible and no other maintain charge while contact lenses have very maintain charge and it will used carefully.
  • In India if you wear contact lenses than you need to care very well of your eyes. First you have to wear sunglasses for protect the dust and never wash your face with water it will harmful to your eyes.
  • While wearing spectacle frames than you need to care your power glasses which are broken many times and forgot your specs also effect.
  • If you have office work and travelling with car or train you should use Contact lens but if you have field work and you don’t have car than it’s very difficult to protect dust.

How to wear contact lenses.

  • First of all keep all the necessary things ready,like contact lenses, contact lenses solution, small mirror and a small vessel containing clean water.
  • Now clean your both hands thoroughly with soap and clean water and start the procedure with wet hands only. There is no need to wipe hands with towel.
  • Now first remove right contact lens from the container and first clean it with plam. Now put a few drops of cleaning solution and massage the lens with index finger of right hand
  • Now the lens is ready for insertion but before inserting confirm that it is not turned inside out and had regular smooth spherical curve. Now put this fight side contact lens on your right hand index finger with concavity facing the corner. Now look in to mirror and elevate your right eye upper lid by your left hand in such a way that your left hands come from above and does not obstruct your view in to the mirror Now gently put the lens on top of cornea. Now blink tow three times and lens will stick to your eye and center well.
  • Similarly clean left lens and take it on right index finger and wear on left side exactly like for right eye.
  • Gradually increase the wearing times day by day. First day wearing two to three hours than second day wearing four to five hours and than wear daily.
  • Tips :  During the driving always wearing the Sunglasses

Eyeglasses-Sunglasses Frame size How to measure :

  • Every People have different face , different look some have small face, some have broad face, round face, oval face, diamond face and more.. but when you select your eye frame you just see the right side of the frame three measurement are shown and it’s shows your eyeframe/sunglasses measurement
  • There are three types of measurement are used in eye frames
  1. Bridge Size
  2. Lens Size
  3. Temple Size