Benefits of Eyeglasses.

Nowadays wearing eyeglasses is trending. It’s one type of fashion accessories. Well it’s have  many benefits also . Wearing glasses is safe your eyes from dust, sun uv rays , protect your eyes, give you smart look, it’s easily accessible , give you professional and smart looks .

Well, it’s easy for wearing and give clear vision compare to contact lenses. Eyeglasses  have available many types and many shapes. I always prefer to eyeglasses it’s easy to handle and safe for wearing


Which is best eyeglasses or contact lenses

  • Normally we will discus about different between eyeglasses and contact lenses and which one is best for over daily routine life. According to me both are same but they have them own pros and cons.
  • Generally people chose eyeglasses because it’s easy for wearing , flexible and no other maintain charge while contact lenses have very maintain charge and it will used carefully.
  • In India if you wear contact lenses than you need to care very well of your eyes. First you have to wear sunglasses for protect the dust and never wash your face with water it will harmful to your eyes.
  • While wearing spectacle frames than you need to care your power glasses which are broken many times and forgot your specs also effect.
  • If you have office work and travelling with car or train you should use Contact lens but if you have field work and you don’t have car than it’s very difficult to protect dust.